Headstone & Bench Placement

Headstone Requirements
Proper Alignment
All persons planning to set a headstone will first see the cemetery caretaker for proper place and alignment. If the headstone is set improperly, without the caretaker’s approval, it will be removed and the individual that set the stone will be required to reset the headstone.

Concrete Slabs
All headstones will be placed on a concrete slab at least 3 inches thick and will extend 4 inches around the perimeter of the headstone. The top of the concrete slab will be flush with the ground.

Placement of Headstones & Benches
Headstones will be placed at the head of the grave and centered. Headstones will be placed in a straight line with the headstones to the left and right of the grave.

Single Grace Headstones

The cemetery caretaker will place 3 stakes on each grave where a headstone is to be set. 1 stake will be placed in the center of the cemetery plot for a single headstone. The other 2 stakes will be placed on the outside edges of the plot.

Double Headstones
The cemetery caretaker will place a stake at the center of the 2 grave plots and 1 stake on the outside edge of each plot. The headstone will be centered on the 2 burial plots.

All persons wishing to install a bench must first receive approval of the cemetery caretaker before placing a bench. Once it is approved, the cemetery caretaker will stake the location for installing the bench. All benches are required to have a solid foundation of mason work of approved dimensions.

Cleanup Requirements
Individuals setting a headstone will clean up all debris when headstone setting is completed. No excess soils or rocks will be left lying in the cemetery. Excess material will not be dumped in the cemetery. Cement tools and wheelbarrows will not be cleaned in the cemetery.

Sod removed from the area that the headstone is to be set may be placed to one side of the grave for replanting.

Rule Regulations
Any deviation from the above rules is strictly forbidden except with written consent from the City of Show Low. The City of Show Low reserves the right to make changes to these rules and regulations to better serve the purposes of the cemetery.