Minor Variances

Eligibility for Variance
A minor variance may be issued that does not go against other ordinance provisions affecting the size or shape of the structure or the placement of the structure on the lot, by 10% or more of the strict standard. Eligibility considerations include not reducing the:
  • Requirement of the lot size
  • Lot coverage
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Front yard
  • Rear yard
  • Setbacks
  • Parking spaces
  • Building height
New Construction
A minor variance may be issued to allow new construction to extend along the setback lines of existing walls of an existing structure.

Consent of Adjacent Property Owners
In order for a minor variance to be issued, the property owner must furnish the City of Show Low with written consent of adjacent property owners approving the minor variance

A Minor Variance Application (PDF) comes with a $50 filing fee.