Request or Report

  1. Barking Dog

    The Show Low Animal Control Center helps provide needs for animals such as pet adoption, micro-chipping, and an animal shelter.

  2. Code Violation

    The Code Enforcement Department works to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment.

  3. Drainage Issue

    Report a drainage issue to the Public Works Department.

  4. Police Records Request

    The Records Department handles all record-keeping and public record distribution for the Police Department.

  5. Pothole

    Find out how to report a pothole issue with the city.

  6. Problem or Complaint

    Request the city to fix a pothole, remove roadway debris, or remove graffiti.

  7. Public Records Request

    Form for requesting public information to City Clerk's office

  8. Street Light Issue

    Report a street light that has gone out and needs repair.