What To Do If?

What if I am injured at work?
Report the injury to your supervisor and get medical attention if needed. Fill out a city incident report and an IR101 as soon as practicable.

What if I am in an accident in city equipment or a city vehicle?
If required seek medical attention for any injured parties.
Report the incident to your supervisor as soon as practicable.
Contact law enforcement for all city vehicle accidents, even on private property.
Immediately following a vehicle accident file an accident report with law enforcement.
Unless the accident is blocking traffic and must be moved, don't move your vehicle. Wait until the police arrive on the scene. If you do have to move your car, take pictures before you do. A cell phone camera will work fine for this.
Get the names of any witnesses. You never know if the accident may lead to legal action, so it is important to document everything you can. Get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any potential witnesses before they leave the scene.
Collect insurance information. Write down the other party's insurance information, including the insurance company's name and policy number. Be sure to take down the other driver's name. Note where the accident took place. And, take pictures of both vehicles. City insurance information is usually found in the vehicle glove box.
Do not admit responsibility. Only discuss the accident with the police, and even then, never admit fault — even if you think you were to blame, because you could be wrong. 
Report the incident to the Safety/Loss Control Coordinator, who will take the Incident Report and any IR101s and alert the city's risk pool of the incident.