How Do I...

  1. Apply

    Find out how to apply for jobs, licenses, permits, and more.

    1. Building Permits

      Apply for a New Residential Permit, Sign Permit, and more.

    2. Business Licenses & Permits

      Find business licenses, Conditional Use Permits, Special Events permits, and more.

    3. Cemetery Plot

      Read the Show Low Cemetery plot and services fees, rules and regulations, and more.

    4. Dog Licenses

      The City of Show Low requires dogs within the city to have dog licenses with proof of rabies vaccination.

    5. Employment

      Find a list of current job openings and information on how to apply.

    6. Utility Services

      Apply for new utility billing services.

  2. Contact

    Contact the Show Low Police Department, Fire Department, as well as city employees.

    1. City Departments

      Get contact information for various city departments or leave a question or comment.

    2. City Employees

      View the Show Show Staff Directory for contact information for various employees and departments.

    3. Fire Department

      Contact the Show Low Fire Department for emergencies, burn permits, or fire education services.

    4. Police Department

      Find services such as record requests, vacation watch program, and who to contact in case of an emergency.

  3. Learn About

    Learn about housing, open meeting law, economic development, and more.

    1. Adopt-a-Street Program

      This program enables interested groups to adopt a section of one of the city's streets.

    2. ADOT

      Learn about the Arizona Department of Transportation.

    3. Airport

      Learn about the Show Low Regional Airport including airport projects, flight information, and advisories.

    4. Community Programs

      Check out the community programs sponsored by the Show Low Police Department including finger printing, car seat safety, D.A.R.E., and more.

    5. Economic Development

      Review the latest news for downtown Show Low, industrial and office development, and more.

    6. Financial Transparency

      The City of Show Low is committed to fiscal responsibility through open and transparent budget practices.

    7. Forest Health & Wildfire Mitigation

      Find helpful resources for healthy forestry and wildfire protection.

    8. GIS Maps

      GIS is a technology that is used to view and analyze data from a geographic perspective.

    9. Housing

      Find links for resources for grants and housing in Show Low and a list of local affordable housing.

    10. Improvement Districts

      Special Improvement Districts may be formed by property owners to bring their neighborhoods up to city standards.

    11. Open Meeting Law Information

      Browse information about open meetings and notices.

    12. Senior Patrol Program

      The Senior Patrol Program is a vital part of community policing as they provide assistance to the Operations Division.

    13. Refuse and Recycling Services

      Find helpful information for online bill pay, trash pickup schedules, and more.

  4. Pay

    Pay your utility bill, traffic fines, and more.

    1. Building Permits

      How do I pay for permits?

    2. Court Payments

      Check out payment options for paying for Show Low Municipal Court cases in person, by mail, or online.

    3. Improvement Districts

      Pay your Improvement District fees on the Express Bill Pay website.

    4. Utility Bills

      Find helpful information for online bill pay, trash pickup schedules, and more.

  5. Request or Report

    Report a barking dog, drainage issue, pothole, and other issues to the City of Show Low.

    1. Barking Dog

      The Show Low Animal Control Center helps provide needs for animals such as pet adoption, micro-chipping, and an animal shelter.

    2. Code Violation

      The Code Enforcement Department works to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment.

    3. Drainage Issue

      Report a drainage issue to the Public Works Department.

    4. Police Records Request

      The Records Department handles all record-keeping and public record distribution for the Police Department.

    5. Pothole

      Find out how to report a pothole issue with the city.

    6. Problem or Complaint

      Request the city to fix a pothole, remove roadway debris, or remove graffiti.

    7. Public Records Request

      Form for requesting public information to City Clerk's office

    8. Street Light Issue

      Report a street light that has gone out and needs repair.

  6. View

    View the City Code, GIS maps, staff directory and more.

    1. Bus Schedules

      View the bus schedules for the Four Seasons and White Mountain public transportation services.

    2. City Code

      View the entire Show Low City Code.

    3. General Plan

      Review the General Plan for the City of Show Low.

    4. GIS Maps

      GIS is a technology that is used to view and analyze data from a geographic perspective.

    5. Public Transportation Services

      Find out more about the Four Seasons Connection and the White Mountain Connection public transportation and bus services for Show Low.

    6. Public Works Forms

      Access various Public Works forms such as the Right-of-Way Permit and Floodplain Status Request Form.

    7. Quarterly Newsletters

    8. Show Low TV

      Watch City 4 TV, find out more about the network, and view the upcoming show schedule.

    9. Staff Directory

      View the Show Show Staff Directory for contact information for various staff members and departments.