Most Common Questions

Community 100 Mile Challenge 2023

1. When does the 100 Mile Challenge start and end?  The program begins on Monday, January 2, 2023.  The program runs for 100 days, ending on Tuesday, April 11.

​2. How do I track my miles? Record Your Own Miles:  The program is self-reporting; you are accountable for tracking your own miles.  You can simply do one mile a day or you can complete 2 miles one day and take a break the next - the goal is to complete 100 miles (or more) in 100 days, it’s all up to you!  200 miles for cycling and horseback riding.

​3. How can I get 100 miles in 100 days?  There are lots of physical activities that get your body moving.  20 minutes of continuous physical activities (like a fitness class, skiing, golf, etc.) counts as one mile, or simply walk or run a mile, it all counts!  Get creative and remember it’s all about having fun while making a lifestyle change!  Email us any questions on making your miles count to: or call 928-532-4142.

​ 4. What is the incentive?  Accept the challenge and enter to be eligible to win prizes.  There will be a Kick Off drawing and an End Celebration Grand Prize drawing.  Winners will be announced via our website

​5. How can I be eligible for prizes?  All registered paid participants are automatically eligible to win a Kick Off prize.  Winners will be announced via our website  Winners will receive an email, text, and phone call.  To claim your prize, you must provide your log sheet or proof of identity to the Show Low Family Aquatic Center, 1100 W. Deuce of Clubs, Show Low.  Winners must claim their prize within 1 week of winning date or another name will be drawn.  To be entered into the Grand Prize(s) drawing you must provide a completed and signed log sheet at the End of Challenge that will be held on Tuesday, April 11.  Need not be present to win.

​ 6. What is the goal of this challenge? The ultimate goal is to have fun, while getting healthy and active! Make it fun, sign up with a friend, get the miles in with your dog, and try something new…Good luck!!!