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Action Request Form


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    1. If you see a problem or have a complaint, please help the City of Show Low better serve you by completing this form. Responses will be as prompt as possible. This form is intended to be used for problems that do not require immediate attention (e.g., problems that will result in loss of property, life, or pose a health risk). Should you have a water break or sewer leak, please contact the Public Works Department at 928-532-4100.

      Should your problem occur on the weekend, holidays, or after hours, please contact the Show Low Police Department at 928-537-4365 so that they can dispatch the necessary maintenance personnel.

      Thank you for taking the time to help us, help you!
    2. Problem Indication
      Please indicate your problem by checking the appropriate box:
    3. Please be as detailed as you can with the address / location of the problem.