Parents Code of Conduct

About the Code
In order for a program to be truly successful, it takes the cooperation of everyone involved: players, coaches, officials, league administrators, and especially parents. Parents have the following responsibilities and expectations when participating in the City of Show Low Parks and Recreation Department programs.

Responsibility to Children
To make sure that your child gets the most out of his or her playing experience, parents should show their unwavering support, including positive reinforcement of your child’s performance and effort and commitment to attending practices and games. This is absolutely essential, especially at an early age, to ensure their healthy development. Parents should also be positive role models including showing proper sportsmanship at all times and refraining from negativity of any kind. Parents are responsible for reading and discussing the Players Code of Ethics, Responsibilities and Expectations with their child.

Responsibility to Coaches
Coaches volunteer their personal time to spend it with your child. They need you to be supportive of their decisions rather than undermining their efforts. If you don’t agree with your coach or the opposing teams coach, you are expected to tell your coach but make certain it is done at the right time and place and not in front of the children or during a game. Do not approach opposing team coaches with concerns. Parents are required to be at all games and practices and notify coaches if your child will not be attending a practice or game. Parents should be cheerleaders from the sidelines and allow the coach to direct the players. Parents who coach from the sidelines make it difficult for players to know who to listen to and take direction from. Please respect the role of the coach.

Responsibility to Other Parents
Personal gain and satisfaction should not be derived from your child’s performance. Confrontation and taunting between parents is never acceptable. Good plays should always be cheered and disappointments should always be consoled, no matter whose team it affects.

Responsibility to the Referees
Referees are responsible for monitoring all players on the field or at the gym. All calls made by the referee are final. A parent’s responsibility is to support the referee and not approach the referee, yell at, or question calls made by the referee. If you have a concern, please address the situation with your coach.

Responsibility to the League
League administrators cannot be at all games and practices of all teams. In order to maintain a protective shell around these programs, it is essential for parents to report concerns regarding coaches, parents, players or staff / officials or any situations to the league administrator immediately. Do not wait until the league is over or until the situation gets out of control. This is the only way these programs can achieve their intended goals.

Responsibility to All
Parents must educate their family and friends that they bring to the game(s) to the City of Show Low Recreation Services Parents Code of Conduct.