White Mountain Connection

About the White Mountain Connection (WMC) Bus

  • Monday - Friday, 6:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
  • Arrival & departure times are approximate and may vary due to traffic and weather conditions.
  • Serves the following areas:
    • Navajo County Government offices
    • Northland Pioneer College (Taylor & Snowflake)
    • Pinetop-Lakeside
    • Show Low
    • Snowflake
    • Taylor

    Bus Routes, Stops and Schedule (PDF)


General Fares

 Within the same town (half price for seniors (60+) and the disabled)
One-way $1
 To the next town (half price for seniors (60+) and the disabled)
One-way $3
Anywhere on the route (half price for seniors (60+) and the disabled)
One-way $5

Multi-Ride Passes 

All Day Pass (free transfer to Four Seasons Connection) Unlimited $8
Monthly Pass - NO through service to Holbrook Unlimited $30
Monthly Pass - Commuter to Holbrook Unlimited $60
Senior (60+) 20 $10
Persons with Disabilities 20 $10

Student Pass (biannual)  Transferrable between FSC and WMC
Student ID required at time of purchase.
NOTE:  New rate effective 1/1/2018

Where to Buy Your Pass
White Mountain Connection bus passes may be purchased at the following locations:
     >Show Low City Hall
     >Bus driver with exact fare (excluding student passes)
     >Northland Pioneer College (student passes only)


Unlimited $40