Community Facilities District

About Show Low's District
The City of Show Low currently has 1 Community Facilities District (CFD) in the Show Low Bluff development. Property owners are billed twice per year with an interest and principal payment due June 1 of each year, and an interest payment due December 1 of each year.

Arizona Community Facilities District Act
In 1988 the Arizona legislature enacted the Arizona Community Facilities District Act. The purpose of the act was to generate new opportunities for the financing of infrastructure improvements for municipalities and developers alike. The act styled after similar legislation in California and Florida, addressed a critical issue for developers: the financing of increasingly costly infrastructure requirements without burdening the developer.

The law authorized bonds to be issued and repaid with a mechanism that taxes, or assesses, only the lands directly benefiting by the new infrastructure. This allows much needed community development which would otherwise be unfeasible due to the prohibitive costs imposed by extensive infrastructure burdens. It should be noted that at the present time, all CFDs are required by statute to be included within an incorporated city or town.