Operations Division

The Operations Division is divided into a Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) and Patrol/Traffic Enforcement.  The CIU conducts criminal investigative activities for the department and provides support to the Major Crimes Task Force and state gang task force. CIU detectives  handle property crimes and crimes against people and manage all property and evidence functions.

Patrol/Traffic Enforcement consists of four squads, covering the various shifts around the clock. Responsible for crimes in progress, crime deterrence and traffic education/enforcement.

The K9 Unit augments the agencies Patrol/Traffic Enforcement mission with specialized training in narcotics detection. Also is used in a support role for the White Mountain Regional Special Response Team.

The White Mountain Regional Special Response Team (SRT) stands ready to counter or de-escalate major incidents as a rapid response unit. The SRT serves agencies in both Navajo and Apache Counties.

The majority of calls for service are handled by the Operations Division.

The Operations Division consists of:

Calls for Service

The department has officers and support staff on duty around the clock. Calls for service are a constant and on-going demand. Police employees typically respond to the location where they are needed; however, many additional contacts come via walk-in lobby traffic, telephone contacts, and referrals through other police or related agencies.

Officers handle miscellaneous civil problems, minor offenses, serious criminal offenses, and various situations of almost every imaginable circumstance.