School Resource Officers

SRO Programs

There are two (2) School Resource Officers (SRO). One SRO is assigned to the junior high and the other is assigned to the high school. The junior high school SRO teaches law-related education. They support the SRO program and involvement in the Show Low School District programs and activities, including instruction of the G.R.E.A.T. program.

Community Outreach

The SROs are responsible for other outreach programs in the community as well such as actively supporting the PD Haunted Pavilion during the City of Show Low Haunted Halloween Drive Thruuuu and White Mountains Sirens and Sleigh Bells during the Christmas season to benefit children.

Diversion / Teen Court
The SROs participate in the Diversion Program, more commonly known as Teen Court. When juvenile students are cited for minor offenses the SRO may refer the student into the Diversion Program with the Magistrate Court. The Judge will preside over the hearing with a panel of the student's peers who will render a decision and determine any disciplinary action to be taken. The student who participates in Teen Court will complete the recommended disciplinary action and serve on the court panel during subsequent Teen Court hearings.