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Complimentary Fence Permit

  1. This permit and staff review is a free service provided by the City of Show Low
    Please read the following information regarding the construction and/or installation of fencing in the City of Show Low Title 19.25.090(A). Please prepare a site plan indicating your property's surveyed corners (generally not the edge of payment); and the location, height and type of all fencing materials. All fences must be built entirely on the owner's property. Please verify fencing materials and location prior to construction. It is the property owner's responsibility to check the CC&R's for the property. If you have questions regarding the requirements of this permit please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at (928) 532-4040.
  2. Height: Front Yard
    No view obscuring wall, fence or vegetation over three (3) feet will be permitted in the required front setbacks(s). Non-view obscuring fences (i.e. chain link without slats) up to four (4) feet in height will be permitted in the front yard setback.
  3. Hight: Rear & Side Yards (excluding corner lots)
    A permitted fence (view obscuring or not) may be placed in a required rear or side (behind the required front yard setback) property setback up to six (6) feet in height. A rear yard abutting a road is required to comply with front yard setbacks
  4. Materials
    Fences and walls in all zoning districts shall be constructed of conventional fencing material and maintained and kept in good repair. The Director of Planning & Zoning shall determine what is considered a conventional fencing material. In any residential zoned district barbed wire fencing shall only be permitted for fencing livestock. Barbed or razor wire fencing shall be permitted ONLY in commercially or industrially zoned districts above the six-foot height limitation for security purposes.
  5. Who can we contact if we have any questions regarding this application.
  6. Where we can send a copy of the approved complimentary fence permit.
  7. Site Plan Example:
    Fence Site Plan.jpg
    Fences must be built entirely on the owner's property. Fences 6 feet in height must be located 20 back from all street property lines (property lines are generally NOT measured from the edge of pavement).
  8. Please attach a detailed site plan, incomplete site plans will cause a delay in review. Please refer to the site plan example above for minimum site plan requirements.
  9. Certification*
    I hereby certify that I am the owner or duly authorized owner's agent, that I have read this application and that all information is correct. I further certify that I have read, understand, and will comply with all the provisions outlined hereon.
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