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Complimentary Shed Permit

  1. This permit and staff review is a free service provided by the City of Show Low
    Please read the following information regarding the construction and/or placement of sheds in the City of Show Low Title 19.25.060(F). Please prepare a site plan indicating your property's surveyed corners (generally NOT the edge of pavement); and the location, size, type of proposed structure, and location of all existing structures on the property (including distance between all structures). Sheds shall not be placed or built within any easements (public or private). If you have questions regarding the requiremenst of this permit please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at (928) 532-4040.
  2. Shed Size

    Sheds greater than 200 square feet under roof require a building permit. Pre-fabricated sheds over 200 square feet are PROHIBITED in the City of Show Low. All sheds (regardless of size) that incorporate electricity and/or plumbing, or which are directly attached to another structure will also require a building permit from the city.

  3. Shed Height
    Detached sheds shall be no greater than one story in height. Detached sheds located five (5) feet from any side or rear property shall be limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) feet in height, or the height of the main structure, whichever is less. Detached sheds which meet the setback requirements for a main structure for a main structure for the zone in which they are located may exceed fifteen (15) feet in height provided they do not exceed the height of the main structure.
  4. Shed Setbacks
    Minimum setbacks for any detached accessory structure (i.e. shed) is five (5) feet from a side or rear property line. Detached accessory structures must be placed at least five (5) feet from any other structures and are NOT permitted within required front yard setbacks.
  5. Who can we contact if we have any questions regarding this application.
  6. Where we can send a copy of the approved complimentary shed permit.
  7. Site Plan Example:
    Shed Site Plan.jpg
    Sheds shall not be placed or built within any easements (public or private). The City of Show Low is not responsible for verifying easements. Sheds must be located 20 feet back from all street side property lines (property lines are generally NOT measured from the edge of pavement).
  8. Please attach a detailed site plan, incomplete site plans will cause a delay in review. Please refer to the site plan example above for minimum site plan requirements.
  9. Certification*
    I hereby certify that I am the owner or duly authorized owner's agent, that I have read this application and that all information is correct. I further certify that I have read, understand, and will comply with all the provisions outlined hereon.
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