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Business Permit Information Update

  1. Important Information

    Please use this form to update an existing business name, DBA, location, mailing address, phone number or email ONLY. This form CANNOT be used to transfer ownership of a business to a a new owner. A new owner will need to apply for a new business permit to have a business permit transferred into their name. Click the link below to apply for a NEW business permit. 

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  7. Important Information

    In conjunction with a business permit, the city offers a business directory as a service to the public. The directory is intended to be a resource for local businesses, with "local" defined as having a physical office, shop, storefront, or other location within the City of Show Low, AZ. It is the responsibility of the business owner/representative to notify the city when the status of the business changes or modifications are needed for contact information. As part of this applicant the applicant shall confirm that the information above is correct and gives the city permission to use it for the purposes specified above.

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